Meaning of swadeshi in English:


Pronunciation /swaˈdɛʃi/


  • (of manufactured goods) made in India from materials that have also been produced in India.

    ‘we have been encouraging people to use swadeshi products’
    • ‘the Indian swadeshi brand was valued at $6 billion in 2017’
    • ‘The ‘Eco Shop,’ planned to be set up all over the State, will serve as a nodal centre to effectively market swadeshi goods.’
    • ‘He is of the view that by going in for swadeshi goods one is actually helping his neighbour.’
    • ‘India was at last ready for a swadeshi equivalent to the New York or London Review of Books.’
    • ‘In one of the major decisions , it has been decided to sell only swadeshi goods at CAPF canteens’
    • ‘Since a long time , we have been encouraging people to use swadeshi products’
    • ‘This is going to change the trajectory and create a whole new revolution for our swadeshi apps’
    • ‘We have to think what should be the swadeshi framework of technology’
    • ‘In terms of the brand being entirely swadeshi , Mahmood is working with Indian crafts , textiles and techniques’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit svadeśīya ‘of one's own country’, from sva ‘own’ + deśa ‘country’; used originally with reference to an early 20th century Indian nationalist movement advocating Indian-made products.