Meaning of swage block in English:

swage block


  • A grooved or perforated block for shaping metal.

    ‘For heavy swaging, forming, bending and many other similar jobs, a swage block is a useful piece of equipment.’
    • ‘I was actually talking to him about buying the one of the swage blocks when you swooped in.’
    • ‘A swage block has an assortment of cut-outs around its edges and a variety of holes through its body.’
    • ‘This swage block can be nothing more than a piece of iron that has been ballpeened into the head shape desired.’
    • ‘The stand for the swage block is wood and high enough to work comfortably.’
    • ‘You will have to do some light grinding on the swage block at the parting line.’
    • ‘The large wooden punch is hit with a hammer into the circular depression in the swage block.’
    • ‘I checked my swage blocks but they were not the curve I needed.’
    • ‘Anvils, post vises, swage blocks and power hammers can be arranged radially around the furnaces to maximize the number of different workstations in close proximity to the heat source.’
    • ‘I was thinking of makin small dies and different contouring swage blocks to achieve different effects with the treadle I have.’
    • ‘Old style swage blocks had round, square and rectangular holes clear through the center, while modern one usually have various depressions on both sides of the middle for dishing spoons etc.’
    • ‘Browning (finishing by rust) is a good finish for swage blocks.’
    • ‘… well, for all these years, I've had friends who asked me to keep an eye open for anvils, swage blocks, and heavy vises whenever I've been at swap-meets, scrap yards or junk dealers's shops. (and sometimes I ‘got lucky’… possibly the best single deal was a huge 500-ish lb. swage block I bought for a $5…’