Meaning of swaggerer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswaɡərə/


See swagger

‘We need a few more swaggerers like Andrew Carnegie, the Marquis of Bute, or Sir Charles Tennant, all Scots who built great industrial empires and made certain that the world knew all about it.’
  • ‘He will never give up his chewing tobacco and spittoon, according to an insider, although he is said to be a Virginia gentleman rather than a Texas swaggerer.’
  • ‘Back in 1956 Jonathan Flynn was a hard-drinking young swaggerer and self-proclaimed Next Great American Poet.’
  • ‘Macaulay dismissed him as a drunken swaggerer.’
  • ‘The new president of the company could hardly be described as a swaggerer or a posturer, and he won't be making any idle threats about strike action.’