Meaning of swagman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswaɡman/

nounplural noun swagmen

Australian, New Zealand
  • A person carrying a swag or bundle of belongings.

    ‘Homeless men were, in Australia, known as ‘swagmen’ ‘cause they carried a swag around with them, which was a rolled up sleeping mat and waterproof blanket.’
    • ‘Fewer and fewer people living in this country feel any cultural connection with jolly swagmen, billabongs and coolibah trees.’
    • ‘The song is just about resistance to heavy handed authority when the swagman in fact rejected most of the trappings of society, either out of necessity or choice.’
    • ‘The Balinese onlookers tried to understand why the Australian contingent was getting all choked up by a song about a swagman who stole a sheep and then drowned himself.’
    • ‘The squatter sends another swagman to the billabong to trick our hero into taking a walk, the rat hands our hero to the cops, he's paid off and our hero goes to jail?’
    vagrant, vagabond, homeless person, derelict, down-and-out