Meaning of swallow-wort in English:



  • 1A plant of the milkweed family, the follicles of which suggest a swallow with outstretched wings, often becoming a weed.

    Several species in the family Asclepiadaceae, in particular the European black swallow-wort (Cynanchum or 'Vincetoxicum' nigrum), and the American Asclepias curassavica

    ‘Black swallow-wort is difficult to control and has been noted to invade prairie areas.’
    • ‘Research shows that the butterfly will cue into black swallow-wort and lay eggs, but the larvae do not survive.’
    • ‘Where found in Wisconsin, black swallow-wort has spread widely, creating rapidly growing mats of tangled vines.’
    • ‘The key is education so that people can recognize swallow-wort in it's early stages, and awareness about it's devastating effects so that it will be taken seriously.’
    • ‘The fifth edition of Gray's Manual of Botany reports black swallow-wort to be a weed escaping from gardens in the Cambridge Massachusetts area.’
    • ‘If you search for black swallow-wort on the Internet, you will find several web sites dedicated to telling you how to rid your property of this plant.’
    • ‘The purple-flowered black swallow-wort prefers open areas and have a foothold in the Hudson Valley, Long Island, southern New York and the New England coast.’
    • ‘This presentation will focus on patterns of host use by these herbivores within the genus Vincetoxicum and address their potential effectiveness as biocontrol agents of swallow-worts in North America.’
    • ‘Although both swallow-worts share the ominous ‘dog-strangling’ moniker, they're actually a threat to Monarch butterflies.’
    • ‘Two soil types, from areas dominated by pale and black swallow-wort, will be placed in pots and the pH adjusted to one of three different pH conditions.’
    • ‘Pale swallow-worts invade a wide variety of habitats including old fields, open woodlands, pastures, roadsides, and floodplains.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that when the monarchs lay their eggs on pale or black swallow-wort, the larvae die within three days.’
    • ‘The purple-flowering black swallow-wort spreads rapidly in open areas and is found in New York's Hudson Valley and on Long Island, and throughout New England.’
    • ‘We are studying the impacts and control of infestations of the swallow-worts (Vincetoxicum nigrum’
    • ‘They found eggshells as evidence of monarch oviposition on black swallow-wort in uncaged field populations of swallow-wort and milkweed.’
    • ‘This talk will begin by briefly introducing the biology of swallow-worts and the current management techniques used by locals.’
    • ‘First up this weekend is an interesting post at Science Notes about the three invasive swallow-worts that are problems in North America.’
    • ‘My current research at Cornell seeks to increase knowledge about the biology/ecology of two introduced species of swallow-wort [pale swallow-wort and black swallow-wort].’
    • ‘During the last two decades, the invasive exotic vines pale swallow-wort and black swallow-wort have become a major problem in New York State.’
  • 2British The greater celandine, formerly believed to be used by swallows to restore their sight.