Meaning of swallow dive in English:

swallow dive


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  • A dive performed with one's arms outspread until close to the water.

    Also called swan dive

    ‘The Rhinos defence gave chase, but although Mark Calderwood got close, he didn't get close enough to prevent Vainikolo celebrating with a spectacular swallow dive under the posts.’
    • ‘I had got to the stage where I had decided even if I had to hire the entire Commonwealth pool and fly in an Olympic coach, I would do it just to learn a swallow dive and a proper hurdle step.’
    • ‘McCoist offers something different, although his swallow dive garnered him no sympathy when he attempted to ‘win’ a penalty 10 minutes into the tie. The veteran deserved the jeers and a yellow card.’
    • ‘Participants will also stop off at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, to watch an awesome 750 ft bungee jump demonstration, to include the spectacular swallow dive used in the film.’
    • ‘Stuart Johnson added try number five and Caldwell rounded off a perfect afternoon, after Kasey Mitchell had dropped a goal, with a swallow dive over the line for a final score.’
    • ‘Scrum-half Ian Monaghan then grabbed the third and celebrated scoring on his old stamping ground with an impressive swallow dive in the corner.’
    • ‘Del Piero wins a free-kick on the edge of a box with a swallow dive.’
    • ‘However the referee isn't impressed by his jinking moves and graceful swallow dive and books Beto for diving.’
    • ‘Shaw's remarkable swallow dive over the line is an imperishable highlight of that rugby era.’


(also swallow-dive)
[no object]
  • Perform a swallow dive.

    ‘Then the law required them to stand back and let him carry on swallow-diving.’
    • ‘Climb to the top of the Empire State Building, swallow-dive into an elegant free-fall, and defy gravity with a judiciously timed web just before you hit the ground.’