Meaning of swami in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɑːmi/

nounplural noun swamis

  • A Hindu male religious teacher.

    as title ‘Swami Satchidananda’
    • ‘Many Hindu swamis advise followers to be well-established vegetarians prior to initiation into mantra, and to remain vegetarian thereafter.’
    • ‘But our Hindu saints and swamis come and deliver lectures and go back to their native countries and ashrams with whatever money is given to them.’
    • ‘One satguru would be followed by the next satguru, swamis and acharyas by more swamis and acharyas, devoted families by more devoted families, generation after generation.’
    • ‘For many decades it was the male swamis from India who were the most well-known exponents of Hinduism touring in the Western countries.’
    • ‘Very few Malaysian Hindu temples conduct religious classes or provide spiritual discourses by knowledgeable teachers, pundits or swamis.’
    • ‘There weren't any role models in her life and her world revolved around a group of 30 swamis and their Guru Swami Satchidananda.’
    • ‘They have to tell people that Swami is a messenger of Hinduism like the other swamis of this ancient tradition.’
    • ‘Normally, the swamis and gurus keep aloof from the world.’
    • ‘Gurus and swamis crossed the seas to visit these communities and encourage their religious practices.’
    • ‘In 1897, when Swami Vivekananda visited Jaffna, Yogar swami participated in the religious procession.’
    • ‘Like all the sects, its majority are devout families, headed by hundreds of orders of swamis and sadhus who follow the fiery, world-renouncing path to moksha.’
    • ‘During the day, we began classes with the swamis on philosophy, yoga, worship and more.’
    • ‘The second speaker, a prominent Malaysian Hindu leader, made the point that a modern trend of Hindus is to consider the traditional wisdom given by swamis as old-fashioned and not lend it much weight.’
    • ‘This was not always the popular stance, but with scripture and the majority of swamis backing him up, one heard fewer and fewer Hindus advocating violent solutions.’
    • ‘The swami is credited with bringing many of the island's Hindu converts to Christianity and Islam back into Hinduism.’
    • ‘Today, though he loves solitude, he also enjoys interacting daily with the many saints, sages, swamis, scholars and writers who visit the monastery.’
    • ‘A Buddhist minister and his sangha or a swami and his sannyasins can be every bit as pious and self-righteous as a Christian priest and his congregation.’
    • ‘For more than half a century, the swami has tirelessly organized important religious seminars.’
    • ‘Wondrous sights seen along the way mixed and mingled with mystic truths discussed afloat a rolling ocean in daily yoga classes with Gurudeva and his swamis.’
    • ‘Our association with the swamis under him has helped our organization grow and has reaffirmed our dedication to Hindu dharma.’
    spiritual teacher, teacher, tutor, sage, counsellor, mentor, guiding light, spiritual leader, leader, master


From Hindi swāmī ‘master, prince’, from Sanskrit svāmin.