Meaning of swamp cypress in English:

swamp cypress


mainly British
  • A deciduous North American conifer with exposed root buttresses, typically growing in swamps and on water margins.

    Also called bald cypress

    Taxodium distichum, family Taxodiaceae

    ‘The two extinct species of Metasequoia were adapted to distinctly different swamp habitats, as are living dawn redwood compared with swamp cypress.’
    • ‘Ecological polarity studies are most effective when applied to closely related organisms, such as swamp cypresses and canids.’
    • ‘It's a beautiful lake with Spanish moss covered swamp cypresses and spectacular clouds in blue sky.’
    • ‘The boggy lowlands were thick with swamp cypresses and crawling with crocodiles and terrapins.’
    • ‘Fabulous lilies, creepers, and ferns throng among swamp cypresses in the tea-colored waters.’
    • ‘The swamp cypress, for example, thrives in swampy areas and along river banks in the southern United States.’
    • ‘This newly discovered fossil horizon seems to yield a slightly different flora than the other sites; a smaller-type of leaf is prevalent here, as well as the swamp cypress twigs and needles.’
    • ‘A steep zig-zagging kloofing section leads to the Old Opstal, where an arborethum of strately bluegums and swamp cypresses provides an ideal rest stop.’
    • ‘In autumn there's a blaze of colour - liquidamber, ginkgo and scarlet oak are near the house, with swamp cypresses and rare dawn redwoods on the western lawn.’
    • ‘Archaeologists have unearthed the rare remains of an eight-million-year old forest of swamp cypresses at a mine in Hungary.’
    • ‘The swamp cypresses are a glorious orangey brown and the crepe myrtles are deep red.’
    • ‘I will stay in Miami from mid-January to mid-February and would like to photograph swamp cypresses.’
    • ‘Among the plant life of Belize, look for mangroves, bamboo, and swamp cypresses, as well as ferns, vines, and flowers creeping from tree to tree, creating a dense growth.’
    • ‘Among the plantlife of Belize you'll find mangroves, bamboo, palms, and swamp cypresses, as well as ferns, vines, and flowers creeping from tree to tree, creating a dense growth.’
    • ‘Around Marshal's Lake, the dawn redwoods and swamp cypresses, despite being conifers, all take on various shades of burnt orange and foxy red before shedding their needles.’
    • ‘The tupelo trees, azaleas, maples, swamp cypresses, eucryphias and birches contribute to a stunning spectacle which is unrivalled in the British Isles.’
    • ‘There are some fantastic examples of northern hemisphere plants too, such as tulip and camphor trees, giant figs, magnolias and swamp cypresses.’
    • ‘Two years earlier, a natural riverbed gully was transformed into a lake bordered with weeping willows, maples, conifers and swamp cypresses.’
    • ‘Slower growing than the vegetatively similar swamp cypress, Taxodium distichum, it is late coming into leaf in the spring and also to lose its leaves in the autumn.’
    • ‘In the winter and spring of 1946 more complete specimens were collected and it was determined that the trees were not the Chinese swamp cypress.’