Meaning of swamp deer in English:

swamp deer


  • A deer that inhabits swamps and grassy plains in India and Nepal.

    Also called barasingha

    Cervus duvaucelli, family Cervidae

    ‘‘Illegal trapping and killing of wildlife in Manas has already taken a toll on larger mammals, such as the rhinoceros, tiger, swamp deer, and hog deer,’ said Narayan.’
    • ‘Enclosures of the hyena, the black buck, the swamp deer, the sambar, the hog deer and the cape buffalo have been repaired and improved.’
    • ‘The need for protection of the Sundarbans is highlighted by the record of past local mammalian extinctions, including the wild buffalo, the swamp deer and the hog deer.’
    • ‘I found out faster than a tick can jump onto a South Carolina swamp deer, that reloading does not save you one red cent.’
    • ‘A few years ago, I was filming the courtship of swamp deer in a remote marsh in Uttar Pradesh.’