Meaning of swamp kauri in English:

swamp kauri


mass nounNew Zealand
  • Valuable timber from ancient kauri trees recovered from swamps.

    ‘the large Maori carving has been chiselled from 4500-year-old swamp kauri’
    • ‘His varied portfolio of investments in New Zealand includes swamp kauri in Northland and a stake in a honey-products company.’
    • ‘This swamp kauri is being harvested at breakneck speeds for use in staircases and furniture.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that scientists want swamp kauri to be preserved, the forestry director says that exports are a "grey area" and are approved on a case-by-case basis.’
    • ‘Swamp kauri is a precious resource for artisan furniture makers, but scientists value it as a treasure trove of information about past environmental conditions.’
    • ‘A team of scientists is using swamp kauri to reconstruct periods of abrupt climate change.’
    • ‘These companies show an interest in exporting products such as beef and lamb, fruit, honey, milk, seafood, and swamp kauri.’
    • ‘He was an environment officer investigating two companies that were digging for swamp kauri without the correct permits.’
    • ‘We have the swamp kauri, trees that were buried in bogs and protected from decomposition.’
    • ‘I returned to New Zealand to take up a postdoc project here that extended into looking into swamp kauri and the archaeological wood.’
    • ‘His head is bobbing slightly in the single window of his workshop as he methodically hand-sands a thin piece of swamp kauri.’