Meaning of swamp mahogany in English:

swamp mahogany


  • An Australian eucalyptus with long leaves and dark fibrous bark, grown elsewhere as an ornamental and as a shelter-belt tree.

    Eucalyptus robusta, family Myrtaceae

    ‘As has been said by others already, the swamp mahoganies are going to in incredible this year.’
    • ‘Eucalypts like the swamp mahoganies will tend to get their roots into everything.’
    • ‘Lance Dale, a member of Ashfield Council, said the orange markings on the trunks of the swamp mahoganies and lemon-scented gums sent a dire warning about the trees’ future.’
    • ‘Two of us have been working on restoring the corridor for quite some time, so the only work involved is minor clearing of lantana, and the re-introduction of some swamp mahoganies to the area.’
    • ‘If you are lucky you may see one of the resident koalas in the swamp mahoganies in the big back yard or in the paperbark out the front.’
    • ‘More formal sandstone steps lead to the house with lovely vistas through the garden with a backdrop of remnant swamp mahoganies on the boundary.’
    • ‘There are significant wetlands between the dunes and Tuggerah Lake, over which broad-leaved paperbarks, swamp mahoganies and cabbage trees tower.’
    • ‘Twenty species were studied including blackbutt, spotted gum, tallowwood, swamp mahogany, forest red gum, grey ironbark, yellow stringybark, flooded gum and smooth barked apple.’
    • ‘Koalas live in forests and on the periphery of wetlands characterised by river red gum, swamp mahogany, swamp gum and grey gum.’
    • ‘Paperbarks, swamp mahoganies and angophoras make up most of the taller trees with smaller, bleeding heart and cheese trees lower down.’
    • ‘If you're lucky you may spot a resident koala in the swamp mahoganies in the big back yard or in the paperbark out the front.’
    • ‘Dr Dart said the project established 10 plots each 864 metres square in the past 15 months and planted them with Rhodes grass and swamp mahogany trees.’
    • ‘We have old growth swamp mahogany for sale excellent for flooring, slicing, furniture making and is colored from light red to deep dark mahogany brown.’
    • ‘The leaves of eucalyptus trees, such as swamp mahoganies and forest red gums, contain chemicals that would poison many other animals, but koalas are able to digest them safely because of special bacteria inside their bodies.’
    • ‘This corridor of trees (including swamp mahogany) are home to many animals, & birds, some threatened with extinction.’
    • ‘Low-lying flats with saline soils north from Bega are dominated by swamp oak, while north from the Manning River floodplain there are scattered individuals of swamp mahogany.’
    • ‘The swamp mahoganies, cypress, pines, paperbarks and Kurrajongs which are now evident among Herring Island's vegetation were planted by the BOW during this period.’