Meaning of swamp snake in English:

swamp snake


  • An olive-coloured venomous snake living in marshy and wet country on the east coast of Australia.

    Hemiaspis signata, family Elapidae

    ‘Late at night, when the crickets chirp and the swamp snakes sleep, that Cajun brother will notice that I noticed him over the gumbo, and my perfect vacation will be complete.’
    • ‘The three subspecies of black swamp snake are delineated by the number of ventral scales.’
    • ‘It is a rough, dull snake, one of the six species of ‘rear fanged’ swamp snakes in India.’
    • ‘Young black swamp snakes are only 2-3 in long, but resemble miniature adults.’
    • ‘The rhizomes scare tourists who believe them to resemble some undiscovered swamp snake and frequently foul the props of outboard boat motors.’
    • ‘I thought of swamp snakes and kicked with all my might, trying to untangle my legs from this moving mass of God knows what.’
    • ‘The other guys went out and saw vine snakes and swamp snakes.’
    • ‘He settled as a teenager in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he made a living playing the squeeze box, drawing venom from swamp snakes, and wrestling alligators.’
    • ‘The main predators of skinks are snakes such as crowned snakes and swamp snakes, as well as birds.’
    • ‘It's difficult to imagine that teenagers living in a place filled with swamp snakes, blue-tongue lizards and carpet sharks would still experience itchy adolescent ennui.’
    • ‘A simple technology called PIT tagging documented that eastern kingsnakes are predators of black swamp snakes.’
    • ‘He unexpectedly documented, for the first time, that eastern kingsnakes eat black swamp snakes.’
    • ‘In comparison with other species, rainbow snakes and Florida swamp snakes lack the mud snake's reddish pink lateral trianglular pattern as well as its checkerboard belly pattern.’