Meaning of swamper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɒmpə/


  • 1North American informal, dated A labourer, especially one employed as a general assistant to a riverboat captain.

    • ‘Because they could pull two wagons and a water tender if needed with a two-man crew, a teamster and a swamper, they cut desert freighting labor costs by half.’
    • ‘To turn right in Vietnam, the signal light is thoughtfully activated, a swamper in the passenger seat warns the motorcycles of a right-hand turn with a downward waving of his hand, and the vehicle turns right - from the far left lane.’
    1. 1.1North American A worker who trims felled trees and clears a road for lumberers in a forest.
      • ‘The boss, his lieutenants, the cook, and cookees sit in front; lowly ‘swampers,’ or road builders, with their double-bitted axes, stand out-of-focus at the rear.’
  • 2US informal, dated A native or inhabitant of a swampy region.