Meaning of swampland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɒmpland/

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mass nounalso swamplands
  • Land consisting of swamps.

    ‘many had trekked through swampland to reach the border’
    • ‘He was hunting in the flooded, thickly wooded swampland of Bayou Meto in Arkansas with a couple of his buddies, and having a good day.’
    • ‘At least 50,000 snakes overwinter in these dens every year, dispersing into the surrounding muskeg swampland during summer.’
    • ‘It was a large, indoor school that sat upon a sandy island surrounded by marshy swampland.’
    • ‘Nature's third largest cat - after the tiger and the lion - the jaguar can survive in a variety of terrain ranging from swamplands to drought-stricken country.’
    • ‘Discover the hermit thrush as you hike through shady maple and hemlock groves, or encounter bobolinks in golden hayfields and northern waterthrush in subarctic swamplands.’
    • ‘Individual species have adapted to a wide diversity of ecosystems ranging from desert-like habitats to rain forests and swamplands.’
    • ‘Marshmallow, which grows in the primordial bogs and swamplands, was harvested and used to fashion these crude idols, which were then devoured to cure thigh ache.’
    • ‘The Incas were also adept at engineering bridges over the many rivers and ravines of their mountainous land, as well as causeways over tracts of swampland.’
    • ‘We met with so many surprises - ice mountains, mountain lakes, swampland, original forests with different layers of red pines, silver birches and trees I didn't recognize.’
    • ‘The Risotian Expanse was home to a race of swamp farmers who resided on floating man-made islands in the swamplands at the southernmost tip of Osara.’
    • ‘While the mainland of Suriname was swampland, infested with malaria, the mountainous island of Curaçao has always been free of malaria.’
    • ‘A conservation success story is crawling through the swamplands of South Florida, northernmost home of the American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus.’
    • ‘Since swamplands are not where most tourists normally go, students will have to search out pictures from geography books and perhaps from books and magazines on hunting and fishing.’
    • ‘Discover the hermit thrush in shady maple and hemlock groves, bobolinks in golden hay fields, northern water thrush in swamplands, and hawks migrating in autumn.’
    • ‘Last Friday the first of a series of water quality tests by the Titikaveka College senior science students revealed traces of elements existing in streams and swamplands.’
    • ‘The shale beds above and below the coal seams range in depth from twenty to sixty feet and represent a period when the sea advanced and flooded the swamplands in which the forests grew.’
    • ‘These formations are commonly the seaward part of coastal swamplands that eventually develop into deep peat formations.’
    • ‘Mr. Kubota was only a youngster when he handed over $800 earned from magazine and newspaper sales to help his father purchase five acres of logged-off swampland in the city's South End.’
    • ‘In the mid-1970s, he claimed to have received a calling from God to transform two acres of swampland on his property into a sculpture park, which he named Paradise Garden.’
    marsh, bog, quagmire, mire, morass, fen, quag, sump