Meaning of swan dive in English:

swan dive


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  • A dive performed with one's arms outspread until close to the water.

    ‘Chessa did a perfect swan dive off the diving board into rippling water below her.’
    • ‘In Tom's World, it's always better to try a swan dive and deliver a colossal belly flop than to step timidly off the board while holding your nose.’
    • ‘To do the Mountain Pose with Prayer Hands, inhale as you reverse your swan dive, lifting your hands all the way up over your head.’
    • ‘Then, she ran forward and gracefully launched herself into a swan dive.’
    • ‘The ball then took a graceful swan dive into the hole to give Joe a hole-in-one and the Classroom Caners a well-earned eagle.’
    • ‘It looked like The Tazmanian Devil had touched down in the salad greens and then took a swan dive into the mushroom sauce.’
    • ‘In his haste, he bumped the table and while the bottle of Roederer avoided a swan dive from that height, it fell over.’
    • ‘His board flew from underneath him, causing a great swan dive onto the table right in front of LeeAnne.’
    • ‘Phoebe made a beeline for Jess's bedroom, doing a low swan dive onto the bed.’
    • ‘I did a backward swan dive, because I didn't want to see anything, at least not all the way down.’
    • ‘She ran straight down the deck between the cats and executed a perfect swan dive off the bow, down and out of sight.’
    • ‘His swan dive at the end underlined his comeback and his confidence in the shoulder.’
    • ‘True, Vijay's win at last week's Sony Open in Hawaii was opportunistic, largely the product of Shigeki Maruyama's inexplicable Sunday swan dive.’
    • ‘A few minutes later, Jaaru cannonballed into the waves not far from them, while Elisa landed in an oddly elegant swan dive.’
    • ‘I feel like a crazed kid at a concert who has, in a moment of sheer insanity, jumped off the stage in a grand, sweeping swan dive.’
    • ‘The plane begins it's swan dive, and everyone says their goodbyes.’
    • ‘She felt as if she just took a seven story swan dive out of a window and the cut on her forehead pulsed with white hot pain.’
    • ‘They both dived over the railing in magnificent, parabolic swan dives befitting Olympic champion divers.’
    • ‘Why don't you show me this bridge where swan dives are preformed.’
    • ‘If no one is looking, do a couple of swan dives and you might just, as London hoped, start feeling pretty darn happy.’


[no object]swan-dive
  • Perform a swan dive.

    ‘Were it within Blair's gift to serve up the fall of western civilisation on a plate, I might now be debating which bridge I'd prefer to swan-dive off, Blackfriars or Hammersmith.’
    • ‘It's greatest effect was on the acquaintance who was there to watch over and make sure I didn't swan-dive into the fire.’
    • ‘You stand on the top, take a photograph of Manhattan, spread out below you, then swan-dive into midair.’
    • ‘In the film Mermaid, she's regally rising from an spurting tower of spray, swan-diving through multicolored fogs, and suggestively slithering into a giant clamshell in a huge fish tank.’
    • ‘They are easy to find at their shows because they are the throng moshing and swan-diving down the front.’
    • ‘Such ‘everyman-outsiders’ are the perfect candidates for Murakami's headlong swan-dives into the gaps between the expected and the possible.’
    • ‘Leonard swan-dives into the lake, only to find it's freezing cold.’
    • ‘We were all scared when those planes swan-dived into the towers.’
    • ‘For the Mets and their unfortunate loyalists, the 2003 season has swan-dived into a yearlong anniversary celebration of the 1993 team.’
    • ‘Mary had swan-dived right in, her body cutting the water sharply.’
    • ‘I see him swan-diving from the rail of the Staten Island Ferry late Saturday night when he disappeared, rounding Sandy Hook by dawn, and turning south for Cape Horn.’
    • ‘Of course, she then snorts some coke and swan dives off a 20th floor balcony, but then this isn't a porn movie.’
    • ‘And then, of course, she cuts his rope and he barely escapes being crushed but swan dives into a nearby river.’
    • ‘You want me to run until I get to a cliff, swan dive off that cliff and then swim a mile to a boat then fly to some far off island?’