Meaning of swan mussel in English:

swan mussel


  • A large European freshwater mussel of still or slow-moving water, the larvae of which parasitize fish.

    Anodonta cygnea, family Unionidae

    ‘He put his stick into the gap between the two halves of the complete shell and the swan mussel immediately clamped on to the stick.’
    • ‘In the early hours I had a terrific run on my swan mussel rod that again ripped off yards of line.’
    • ‘These areas did not seem to suffer with the amount of swan mussels that I had out in front of me.’
    • ‘The swan mussels seem quite content to stay on the river bed where they belong.’
    • ‘Swan mussels are highly sensitive to siltation and other environmental changes.’
    • ‘It seems historically swan mussel were eaten, but it looks like they are affected by pollution in a big way’
    • ‘Our best find was the swan mussel, usually we only find the shells, so the real thing was a treat!’
    • ‘Often thought of as a natural way to filter green pond water, these swan mussels are ideal for placing in your garden koi or other fish pond and also for other fish tanks too.’
    • ‘The majority of the native swan mussel beds have been colonised, and there is a threat of local extinction of those mussels.’
    • ‘One of my swan mussels in my pond has completely left its shell.’
    • ‘Swan mussels do have a parasitic stage but it is meant to be harmless to fish.’
    • ‘In my experience swan mussels are difficult to keep as they need a muddy bottom to bury themselves in john wilson is god’
    • ‘Recently I obtained two rather nice swan mussels for my freshwater aquarium.’
    • ‘The eutrophication causes ecological disturbance of water, which leads to death of fish, shrimp, swan mussel and other species.’
    • ‘Freshwater swan mussels are recorded from the lake.’
    • ‘A 6-day deployment of swan mussels around a pharmaceutical discharge produces a reduction of activity relative to controls, although this was not significant.’
    • ‘The habitat, and the heavy, rough, dark shell, readily distinguish it from the duck and swan mussels, which live in rich streams, canals and lochs’
    • ‘The swan mussels are found locally in slow running rivers, lakes and ponds.’