Meaning of Swanee whistle in English:

Swanee whistle


  • A musical instrument (often a toy) in the form of a pipe with a plunger instead of finger holes, so that the player slides from note to note.

    ‘The kazoo always sounds daft, and the Swanee whistle is almost impossible to play a recognisable tune on.’
    • ‘We then sang ‘Hail Poetry’ before getting out our kazoos and Swanee whistles to play various tunes as a whole ensemble and in small groups.’
    • ‘The pupils experimented with a variety of instruments, including castanets, guiros, Swanee whistles and hand chimes.’
    • ‘The percussion section is vast, too, and features such exotic items as a coffee grinder, a wrestling bell, Swanee whistles, a pop gun, a wind machine and various sirens and duck noises.’
    • ‘When not reciting (with great aplomb) my doggerel, I was in the pit, making sound effects with kazoos and Swanee whistles, clappers, and zingers and such like.’
    • ‘A wide range of Mandolins (including Ovations and resonators), tenor and octave Mandolas, Bouzoukis, Bodhrans, Tin whistles, tenor and ‘G’ Banjos by Ozark, Antoria and Westfield. resonator Guitars, gypsy jazz and backpacker Guitars, acoustic bass Guitars, parlour Guitars, Ukeles, Swanee whistles, Kazoos, Pan pipes, etc. etc.’