Meaning of swankiness in English:




See swanky

‘But it wasn't until he landed a sous job at Boston's Mistral - a hot spot for foodies - that he realized swankiness does not mean happiness when home is a four-hour drive from his favorite slopes.’
  • ‘Depending on the swankiness of the place where it is served and the origins of the beer itself it can go up to €4.50.’
  • ‘So we talk about the passing parade of people, and order caviar and wine and bask in the swankiness of it all.’
  • ‘Filled with old tables and shelves piled high with an assortment of goods and with its walls bedecked with posters dating from the 1950s, there's no modern swankiness about Ah Tsai's.’
  • ‘Western Europe's a bastion of swankiness: you don't need cable to see naked people on TV.’