Meaning of swanlike in English:



See swan

‘With her swanlike neck and 20-inch waist, Hepburn certainly inspired generations of women with her sleek, virtually unadorned style, consisting of black polo-necks, narrow capri pants, flat pumps and a slick flick of eyeliner.’
  • ‘She survived too into Christian times, as the Goddess Victory (with swanlike wings like Nike.)’
  • ‘Her curling hair is swept up in back of her head, showcasing her swanlike neck and ivory complexion, but it's her fiery gaze that attracts Jonnie's attention.’
  • ‘At center stage an acoustic guitar lay face down with careful incisions evenly spaced along the back of its neck, so that it arched up and backward, swanlike.’
  • ‘The rich browns, purples and blues of the beak, cheek and eye, all worked into a froth of white, end with the severing of that rather swanlike neck.’