Meaning of swap meet in English:

swap meet



mainly North American
  • 1A gathering at which enthusiasts or collectors trade or exchange items of common interest.

    ‘a computer swap meet’
    • ‘At the swap meet you're either exchanging parts or cash.’
    • ‘Proceeds from table rentals at the swap meet will be put towards the refurbishment of computers for needy Edmonton households.’
    • ‘Or maybe you found one of your father's chips in an old trunk or stumbled on one at a swap meet and wondered what it might be worth as a collector's item.’
    • ‘And one these get to be 5 or so years old, one can buy all they want at a swap meet or garage sale for pennies.’
    • ‘A local flock, an exotic bird auction, or a swap meet all can be good sources of fertile eggs.’
    • ‘Now, he can put them on eBay Motors, and sell them, and make a lot more money on them, without heading out to a swap meet.’
    • ‘And yet one of the players who came out of the NBA swap meet in the sweetest shape was one who went nowhere, a player who has toiled in relative obscurity for most of his five-year career.’
    • ‘In my ‘Business Exploratory’ classes, I challenge my students to create out of paper a product that they will sell during an in-class swap meet.’
    • ‘On Sundays, the track offers Import Day, Classic Car Day, and British Car Day, all of which feature a car show, swap meet, and drags.’
    • ‘Later, when Roger and Eleanore went to a car parts swap meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania, they decided to rent a car and drive around the area for a vacation.’
    • ‘Gordon and Montoya are in Indianapolis on this day in June for an extraordinary sort of motorsports swap meet.’
    • ‘After all, equipment trailers aren't sold at the local convenience store or swap meet.’
    • ‘Music was sold and exchanged at swap meets, flea markets, illegal tapes were sold to build and promote the music in the first place in the Eighties and in the Nineties.’
    • ‘You can get in distributor collections at swap meets, in catalog collections, in magazines, even on shopping networks on television.’
    • ‘There will be swap meets and dealer booths for those looking to sell or trade items, or expand their collections.’
    • ‘Barter clubs have sprung up across the country, evolving quickly from cumbersome swap meets into a full-fledged alternative currency, with creditos redeemable for goods and services.’
    • ‘Now the revolution is obviously breaking out all over the place, as evidenced by the sorts of CD-Rs for sale on the web, at record swap meets, and that are being made for me and you by our pals.’
    • ‘We also talked about buying fruit and vegetables from the markets instead of the supermarket, getting clothes at op shops and swap meets and buying meat in bulk.’
    • ‘Today, many of the theaters have been converted to less glamorous uses, such as housing swap meets, while others are only open for special events or tours.’
    • ‘We first produced a '69 Yenko Camaro in LeMans blue and sold it at car shows and swap meets in our spare time.’
  • 2A flea market.

    ‘I found the photo of the Lightning at a local swap meet and you can see why it attracted my interest.’
    • ‘Almost every city has regular swap meets or collectible shows and careful browsing can usually find a variety of WWII items, including post cards.’
    • ‘A connoisseur of thrift stores and swap meets, she understands the collector mentality, the longing to affiliate and define oneself through things.’
    • ‘Piracy is big fat guys manufacturing fake CDs in Mexico and selling them at swap meets.’
    • ‘Back in Hawaii, between part-time jobs, Untermann began making money by selling items at swap meets.’
    • ‘Before I went to art school I was so bored and unfulfilled working behind a desk, that one year I made 40 Christmas wreaths, all of differing themes of course, and tried to sell them at the local swap meet.’
    • ‘The paintings are all by amateurs or unknowns and were acquired at swap meets and thrift shops, and those that have dates range from the early 1920s to the late '70s.’
    • ‘A hot topic these days is the flood of extremely poor quality, foreign made knock-offs of custom designs that are littering the swap meets and discount outlets.’
    • ‘Melbourne's CBD was choked with knuckle-dragging football tragics today - the type of dirty-skinned, greasy-haired types normally found at swap meets and the most downmarket of pubs.’
    • ‘Take in a horse race at Santa Anita, go to one of California's largest swap meets at the Rose Bowl or just sit in an outdoor restaurant in Pasadena's famous ‘Old Town’ and people watch.’
    • ‘Had a nice little splurge at the swap meet on Sunday.’
    • ‘He sells punk T-shirts that he prints himself down at a swap meet in the Port of Los Angeles and regularly commutes via Greyhound bus 80 miles up to Oxnard to practice with the band.’
    • ‘I managed to haggle the salesperson at the swap meet down to five dollars.’
    • ‘RVs and tents make the camping area a bit like a swap meet.’
    • ‘The Rose Bowl Flea Market And Swap Meet, at 1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena Ca. 91103, is probably the largest and most famous swap meet held in California.’
    • ‘Best Buy also was a partner in the fest that included a swap meet of memorabilia, pinball arcade, retro cars, fashion and food.’
    • ‘If you are a big-time bargain hunter, there is no better place than the swap meet to stalk your prey.’
    • ‘Saturday nights we watched movies and Sunday mornings we went to the swap meet.’
    • ‘I also spend time sifting through antique stores, thrift shops, garage sales, and swap meets in search of interesting ephemera.’
    • ‘The house was small and cluttered with furniture that was bought at various swap meets and yard sales.’