Meaning of swap shop in English:

swap shop


  • 1 informal An agency which puts people with articles to exchange or trade in touch with each other.

    • ‘radio swap shops remain popular ways to exchange goods in farm communities’
    • ‘Also gone was a small swap shop and a burgeoning recycling program.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We are taking more needles off the streets than we are giving out, but the purpose of the exchange goes far beyond being just a free needle swap shop.’’
    • ‘I came across more than one or two book swap shops on my travels, so if you can part with your book, all the better.’
    • ‘In fact it is less interesting than the sort of thing one buys in swap shops, flea markets, street corners, and, until recently, the back corner at Mondo Kim's.’
    1. 1.1An event to which people are invited to bring articles for exchange or trade.
      • ‘Next to my seat was a brochure advertising Tri-Rail train/bus connections to a week-end swap shop and flea market in the area.’