Meaning of swarf in English:


Pronunciation /swɑːf/


mass noun
  • Fine chips or filings of stone, metal, or other material produced by a machining operation.

    ‘a curl of metal swarf’
    • ‘When we first arrived at one of the designated factories and saw wing struts being milled out of solid slabs of Aluminium on a milling machine 80 metres long, I was gobsmacked - swarf and shiny metal everywhere.’
    • ‘There is a perception is that engineering is still cloth caps, oily rags, swarf and metal bashing - however, it isn't like that.’
    • ‘Grinding, for a variety of reasons (e.g., speed of operation; coolant and swarf handling; wheel cost), can be an expensive operation.’
    • ‘Using metal scrap and the steel swarf turned out from munition factories, blending in nickel, vanadium and manganese they created the high-speed tool steels that the arms factories were crying out for.’
    • ‘The swarf became hot and started to steam, so the loading master called Essex Fire and Rescue Service, who dealt with the incident.’
    • ‘For holes of a depth greater than five diameters, it is helpful to retract the drill at intervals and clear the swarf.’


Mid 16th century either from Old English geswearf ‘filings’ or from Old Norse svarf ‘file dust’.