Meaning of Swarga in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɑːɡə/


(also Svarga)
  • Heaven, specifically the heaven presided over by the god Indra, where virtuous souls reside before reincarnation.

    ‘Above the earth are six heavens called Swarga, with increasing beatitude as one ascends.’
    • ‘Deserving Swarga, one must perform sacrifices.’
    • ‘The most cherished land for all civilizations, in all times, was the land ascribed to gods, popularly known as Swarga.’
    • ‘The old King's work in the world is over and he has entered Swarga.’
    • ‘He soon found his way to Swarga's towering gates.’
    paradise, nirvana, the kingdom of heaven, the promised land, the heavenly kingdom, the City of God, the celestial city, the abode of God, the abode of the saints, the abode of the angels, Zion, Abraham's bosom, the empyrean


Mid 18th century from Sanskrit Svarga.