Meaning of swarm up in English:

swarm up

phrasal verb

  • swarm up somethingClimb something rapidly by gripping it with one's hands and feet, alternately hauling and pushing oneself upwards.

    ‘I swarmed up the mast’
    • ‘One of the more grandiose images, of a crowd swarming up the mount to hear a sermon from Christ as the sun slowly sets, wasn't planned and came about purely by accident.’
    • ‘Police then moved the exercise to Stormont, swarming up to the home of the power-sharing government in a train of armoured Land Rovers.’
    • ‘They swarmed up the levelled rock blockage, pushed through the gap that Tiffany had blasted, dragging at rock that crumbled at their touch.’
    • ‘The path leads through open zones of tussocky grasses, silver birches, and woods, honeysuckle swarms up the pines.’
    • ‘I remember this from childhood - great clouds of oversized winged insects, swarming up from the pavement cracks and the nooks and crannies in walls.’
    • ‘The three sides are decorated with relief mouldings showing Hell, Purgatory and Paradise with people swarming up each surface.’
    • ‘The kids in the village are swarming up and down my road tonight, setting the dogs barking.’
    • ‘Their purpose is to lay down suppressing fire, along with the field guns, which will allow the men in the boats to swarm up the hill in either direction like an army of ants.’
    • ‘Men began to swarm up out of the manhole cover behind me, and men erupted from covers and storm drains all over the center of the city.’
    • ‘Yes, they've seen them thick enough to swarm up in clouds from their yard and turn their white awnings grey.’
    ascend, mount, scale, scramble up, clamber up, shin up