Meaning of swarm with in English:

swarm with

phrasal verb

  • swarm with someone or something(of a place) be crowded or overrun with moving people or things.

    ‘on a sunny day, the riverside is swarming with locals and tourists’
    • ‘The Radisson hotel is swarming with medical crews, police officers.’
    • ‘The whole area is swarming with police, as is the subway station.’
    • ‘But then Vauxhall started swarming with police and before you could work out what was going on, the roads were being closed off.’
    • ‘The area had been converted, unsurprisingly, into a crime scene swarming with police.’
    • ‘Today shocked residents described how they had woken to find their street swarming with police officers.’
    • ‘We got away from it and within minutes the place was swarming with police.’
    • ‘More police this morning, swarming with cameras on the other side of the street.’
    • ‘Within minutes the area was swarming with police cars and dogs and helicopters.’
    • ‘The rest of York is awash with shoppers swarming with mad carrier bags in the cold.’
    • ‘The lanes around the Daffodil Lion swarmed with police, blocking all routes to the air base which was about two-and-a-half miles away in the next valley.’
    • ‘When he'd anxiously come into work a few days ago, he'd expected the campus to be swarmed with police.’
    • ‘The vermicelli, indeed, resembled a tree swarming with ants, while it absorbed the rich sauce like a sponge.’
    • ‘The police and paramilitary forces arrived and the club field swarmed with khaki-clad security personnel and curious onlookers.’
    • ‘The hallways swarmed with kids and we were both swallowed up in the crowd.’
    • ‘Barrio Santa Cruz, the pretty old Jewish quarter, is swarming with budget options, but this charming music-themed hotel is a cut above.’
    • ‘The trash bins after a holiday weekend, rotting, swarming with flies.’
    • ‘On the way in, the Tube was swarming with teenagers.’
    • ‘The three - tier gallery spanning the sides of the maidan and the raised platform on the east are swarming with exercise freaks.’
    • ‘Since the entire Italy is swarming with museums and art, the city of Florence too grounds few wonderful ones.’
    • ‘Edinburgh is swarming with people every year for more than one reason.’
    be crowded with, be thronged with, be overrun with, be full of, abound in, be teeming with, be bristling with, bristle with, be alive with, be crawling with, be infested with, overflow with, brim with, be prolific in, be abundant in