Meaning of swarmer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɔːmə/


(also swarmer cell)
another term for zoospore
‘In the tropics, where life's maximal abundance is, the young offspring (seedling, hatchling, larva, zoospore, myxocyst, swarmer or germling) remains unrecognized and nameless unless scientifically described.’
  • ‘That way, we can understand how swarmers come in from across the intercoastal waterway.’
  • ‘All radiolarians secrete strontium sulphate at some point in the life cycle - as the adult shell in Acantharea, and as crystals in ‘swarmer cells’ produced during asexual reproduction in Polycystinea.’
  • ‘We exploit swarmer cells of S. marcescens as a ready source of microscopic low Reynolds number pumps.’