Meaning of swart gevaar in English:

swart gevaar

Pronunciation /ˌswart xəˈfɑː/


  • (in South Africa under apartheid) a threat perceived as being posed by black people to white people.

    as modifier ‘the party got into power on the swart gevaar ticket’
    • ‘This was nothing more than political mischief and ‘swart gevaar’ tactics.’
    • ‘My betrayal rests with the fact that this whole ‘swart gevaar’ and all that, never existed.’
    • ‘In both cities, whites rushed to buy arms and ammunition for protection against the so-called swart gevaar (black peril) - although at no time were any white communities threatened.’
    • ‘This smacks too much of the ‘swart gevaar’ (black threat) paranoia that was the mood of the apartheid leaders for too many years in South Africa.’
    • ‘The swart gevaar (` Black danger ’) was thought to be everywhere present.’


Afrikaans, literally ‘black danger’.