Meaning of swashbuckler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɒʃbʌklə/

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  • 1A person who engages in daring and romantic adventures with bravado or flamboyance.

    ‘he was an explorer and something of a swashbuckler’
    • ‘But there is something very romantic about the notion of the pirate that remains to this day: The skill of two swashbucklers battling on the deck of a ship, the hunt for buried treasure and the thrill of lawlessness.’
    • ‘He embodies what remains the rather sad refrain of many swashbucklers in the Valley: a technologist who achieves success but alienates himself from the thrill of invention and love of family.’
    • ‘It was an opportunity to fulfil a boyhood fantasy to mix it with swashbucklers.’
    • ‘A dashing swashbuckler of love, loss, and revenge in the midst of a plot to hide a conspiracy involving Napoleon's return to power.’
    • ‘Success meant getting Oracle founder and CEO Ellison, a man who has cultivated a public image as a swashbuckler - flying a fighter jet and racing yachts - to buy into the concept.’
    • ‘Over the years, Fleitz earned a reputation as Bolton's chief enforcer, a swashbuckler willing to go the extra mile to make the intel fit the desired policy - even if it meant knocking a few heads.’
    • ‘Hamlet was a swashbuckler, a mass-murderer, bragging about killing Poles, killing a minister behind a cloak, without even knowing quite who was there.’
    • ‘A true swashbuckler like this only comes along once every hundred years.’
    • ‘O'Hearn plays the lead, a swashbuckler named Kane.’
    • ‘The cover had the classic image of a swashbuckler.’
    • ‘A picaresque novel with postmodern flourishes, the sinfully entertaining Zorro is serious fiction masked as a swashbuckler.’
    • ‘In a time obsessed with figures and analyses he slashes away upon the field like an old-fashioned swashbuckler tackling pirates in some seafaring epic.’
    • ‘No doubt about it, Sir Christopher was a swashbuckler, perhaps the biggest British business ever produced.’
    • ‘I've learned history, mathematics, science, how to steer and ship and how to be a swashbuckler.’
    • ‘A ballsy swashbuckler on camera, who did all her own stunts, O'Hara was totally submissive in her personal life.’
    • ‘He looked like a swashbuckler fresh out of a living faerie tale, she thought.’
    • ‘As for the rest of us, the latest installment to the Zorro story is a complete flop if not for the fact that it wields that beloved swashbuckler.’
    • ‘Marvin blocked her way, his legs spread out and his hands at his hips like a nerdy swashbuckler wannabe.’
    • ‘The graphs of annual tomato production held no interest for this one-eyed swashbuckler with the concentration span of a gnat and the heart of a desert lion.’
    • ‘He dreamt that he was a brave and noble swashbuckler, swinging from chandelier to chandelier as he dueled with his foes.’
    daredevil, seeker of adventures, hero, heroine, swashbuckler, knight errant, crusader, venturer, traveller, voyager, wanderer
    madcap, hothead, adventurer, exhibitionist, swashbuckler
    1. 1.1A film or book portraying daring, romantic adventures.
      ‘two swashbucklers featuring kilted warriors are due to fill cinemas this year’
      • ‘Screenwriters, past and present, with occasional exceptions, are the true for-hire workers in film: a swashbuckler one time, a weepy the next, and who-knows-what to follow.’
      • ‘So if you're looking for a good swashbuckler type of film, go and get The Adventures of Robin Hood or Captain Blood.’
      • ‘The film is Robin Hood with Errol Flynn - a real swashbuckler.’
      • ‘While our affection for swashbucklers may have dwindled however, it seems Hollywood producers, and indeed stars, still have a curious fondness for tales of adventure on the high seas.’
      • ‘The actor brings an emotional depth not usually associated with swashbucklers of this nature, helping to turn Reynolds' movie into the intriguing couple of hours that it is.’
      • ‘A blunt swashbuckler salvaged only by Tim Roth's wonderfully loathsome villain.’
      • ‘Also included on the disc is a trailer for Ivanhoe, as well trailers for two other swashbucklers from the same period, Knights of the Round Table and Scaramouche.’
      • ‘The producers believe that the time is right to deliver audiences another sea-based swashbuckler, and cite the success of Errol Flynn's Captain Blood, and Marlon Brando's Mutiny on the Bounty as influences.’
      • ‘A real Errol Flynn swashbuckler, this game is a water-bound escapade stuffed with sword fights, ship battles and a governor's daughter to woo in every port.’
      • ‘While Kurosawa is known mostly for his historically accurate, minutely observed period pieces and swashbucklers, Ozu sought drama in the simple rhythms of life in the modern Japanese family.’
      • ‘You'd think that this story would be a cinch to pull off for the king of the swashbucklers, but Niblo's direction is so unimaginative that it was all I could do to stay awake.’
      • ‘Finally, the amount of sexual innuendo in this film is quite interesting, considering the time in which it was made and the probable intended audience for a Zorro swashbuckler.’
      • ‘If only because it's shorter, however, the decent effort that is The Count of Monte Crisco is a better swashbuckler than Brotherhood.’
      • ‘The question is not whether they will be toppled, but why it requires an inflated running time of more than two hours for the swashbuckler to get the job done.’
      • ‘His films were parodies of other films done once too often - the swashbuckler, the western, the spy thriller.’
      • ‘Where The Count of Monte Cristo is a nod to the steadfast Errol Flynn swashbuckler, Brotherhood subverts all period conventions with kickboxing Indians and the Pope's team of highly trained assassin babes.’
      • ‘This swashbuckler of a movie on board the HMS Surprise in 1805 is set in a time when men were men and women were pretty much out of the picture.’
      • ‘Like the western, the old-fashioned swashbuckler is a lost cinematic art.’
      • ‘Essentially the movie is a blueprint for every swashbuckler that was to follow.’
      • ‘As an adaptation of sorts, Ivanhoe was disappointing in its shortcomings; as a swashbuckler series it was bold, striking and distinctly enjoyable.’


Mid 16th century from swash+ buckler.