Meaning of swather in English:



  • A device on a mowing machine for raising uncut fallen grain and marking the line between cut and uncut grain.

    ‘When the field was combined it was either done by a combine with it's own cutting table or with a combine using a pickup attachment to pick up swaths laid down earlier by a swather.’
    • ‘Half of each pasture was left standing, and the other half was windrowed using a 4.6-m wide swather head.’
    • ‘Balers scoop alfalfa and grass after the crimps, swathers, or related farm equipment cuts the grass.’
    • ‘With a few basic adjustments to most modern swathers, a good windrow of canola can be formed.’
    • ‘After cutting, the swather leaves the cut hay in a long row so the rancher can use a baler to make hay bales.’
    • ‘So in 1926 he and his brother Ellert built themselves two 20-foot swathers from scratch.’
    • ‘Every effort is made to ensure that your swather runs smoothly and securely down the road.’
    • ‘A properly adjusted swather is critical for cutting large a acreage in a timely fashion.’
    • ‘It is another object of the present invention to provide a swather belt connector needing fewer separate pieces.’
    • ‘Manufactured in Canada the MacDon trailed swathers come in widths from 21 ft to 36 ft.’
    • ‘Early swathers were built like battleships - cumbersome and so heavy they could not go into wet harvest fields.’
    • ‘After the peas are planted and have matured and are ready for harvest, the swathers move into the fields cutting windrows.’
    • ‘The harvest crew consisted of swathers and pea combines pulled by tractors.’
    • ‘The Canola Council of Canada suggests that the window to properly swath a crop is only 1-3 days. Even the best swathers have a problem doing a good job in tangled crops.’
    • ‘Compared to swathers with conventional tines, twine tines guarantee optimum raking quality, even at high work speeds.’
    • ‘Their work resulted in depreciation functions for three sizes of tractors, as well as combines, swathers, mowers, balers, planters, plows, discs, manure spreaders, and skid steer loaders.’
    • ‘Our swathers are available in a variety of styles.’



/ˈswɔːθə/ /ˈswɒθə/