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sway bar

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another term for anti-roll bar
‘New front and rear strut assemblies and a rear sway bar were added to improve cornering and virtually eliminate body roll.’
  • ‘This helps increase roll stiffness without the ride penalties associated with a stiffer sway bar or springs.’
  • ‘The strut assemblies fore and aft are new; there's a rear sway bar added to handle cornering loads.’
  • ‘What had happened was a connector that secures the steering mechanism to the sway bar had come loose and eventually detached.’
  • ‘The front sway bar controls weight shifting from left to right as the car rolls through the comers.’
  • ‘A suspension link on each sway bar is replaced with a hydraulic actuator.’
  • ‘Thanks to its semi-trailing arm, fully independent suspension, and some spring, damper and sway bar fettling by HSV chassis guru Mark Thomas, the Maloo can be hurled into corners at ludicrous speeds.’
  • ‘John Andretti subbed this time and finished 25th, despite being black-flagged because the No.8 was not up to track speed after losing a sway bar bolt.’
  • ‘A sway bar chain broke at Michigan when we were running in the top 10.’
  • ‘We'll tune dampers, we'll tune shocks and even sway bar mounts if necessary.’
  • ‘The suspension system also includes shocks and/or struts, and sway bars.’
  • ‘He has added four different springs and two different sway bars to help adjust to the new aero package and nose.’
  • ‘As for chassis setups, it's the sway bars and springs that give the driver the ability to roll left to right.’
  • ‘A lot of times that means softer springs, different sway bars, things like that.’
  • ‘The race teams searching for the best combination of shocks, springs and sway bars.’
  • ‘He knows what kind of springs the car needs, what kind of shocks and sway bars to use and how the body should be hung on the truck.’
  • ‘The suspension is all full of electro-trickery as well, with even adjustable sway bars front and rear.’
  • ‘To recap today's lesson, we have fully locking differentials, skid plates, steel rails, disconnecting sway bars, ground clearance, oversize stiff tires, and the power to move it all.’
  • ‘Joe Aguiar testified that he assisted his brother in up-grading the 1987 Ford Mustang and confirmed that this car was never equipped with either sway bars or a nitrous oxide fuel system.’
  • ‘Most drivers know that stabilizer / sway bars distribute load forces from one side of the vehicle to the other, keeping the body level in on-road driving.’