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swear by

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phrasal verb

  • 1swear by someone or somethingName someone or something to show that one promises to do something or that something is the case.

    ‘I swear by all I hold dear that I had nothing to do with it’
    • ‘before giving testimony we swear by God to tell the truth’
  • 2swear by something informal Have or express great confidence in the use, value, or effectiveness of something.

    • ‘Iris swears by her yoga’
    • ‘Are there doctors who swear by values that made medicine a profession quite different from others?’
    • ‘Wilson swears by the importance and value of a good oil analysis program.’
    • ‘And according to those who swear by its effects, unlike gymnastics, you don't have to do somersaults in this event.’
    • ‘Now, please place your right hand on your chests and swear by whatever you believe in.’
    • ‘I enjoy and take life as it comes,’ says Aditi, who swears by vegetarianism and is into yoga.’
    • ‘I have friends who also swear by Iyengar yoga, which is a variant of Hatha (as is Ashtanga).’
    • ‘A guard swore by his honor, his faith and his love for his children that no one would be executed.’
    • ‘Whether in the tenements of Mumbai or in the villages around Ayodhya, I found Hindus and Muslims who lived and ate together and swore by each other even in times of crisis.’
    • ‘The 24-year-old once swore by the smart boutiques of Princes Square, one of Glasgow's premier league shopping destinations.’
    • ‘Long before call centres adopted the ‘Customer is king’ policy, hotel management personnel swore by it.’
    • ‘Apparently my aunt swore by it with my cousin and told mum who told nan who told my other aunt and it was the whole family's solution whilst we were babies.’
    • ‘In a country where women swore by their gold, a shift in taste and preference is seen.’
    • ‘The family swears by Shiv Dharma, the new religion which is expected to give an impetus to the ‘Brahminetar’ (non-Brahmin) movement in Maharashtra.’
    • ‘But Dr Phillip Anthony McMillan, a UK-trained doctor, who specialises in Botox treatment, swears by this drug for the treatment of wrinkles and a number of neurological conditions.’
    • ‘For every sprightly old lady who swears by non-smoking, teetotal spinsterhood, there's another who boozed the evenings away with each of her seven husbands after a hard day's work in the tobacco-testing factory.’
    • ‘Although there are definite pros and cons, particularly regarding the safety of riding with strangers, everyone who swears by hitch-hiking will agree on one point: it guarantees an adventure.’
    • ‘J.P. Krishna of Chennai has been painting hoardings for films and political meetings for 15 years now and still swears by the gada cloth and his art.’
    • ‘Dhupia swears by the on-screen chemistry of the two actors.’
    • ‘The farmer owns six cows and swears by a herbal potion made from tree bark and salt, handed down from generation to generation here.’
    • ‘The troupe swears by novelty and is a big crowd puller.’
    express confidence in, have faith in, put one's faith in, trust, have every confidence in, believe in
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