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swear in

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phrasal verb

  • swear someone in, swear in someoneAdmit someone to a particular office or position by directing them to take a formal oath.

    ‘he was sworn in as president on 10 July’
    • ‘Another former premier - the Free State's Winkie Direko - was not appointed to an executive position although she was sworn in as a national MP last week.’
    • ‘The first official act I had as secretary was to call the governor of California the day after I was sworn in to office and offer our help.’
    • ‘A brief statement issued by Goh's office said Lee will be sworn in at a ceremony at 8 p.m. on the day at the presidential palace.’
    • ‘As Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was sworn in to office as the country's fifth premier, Anwar said Mahathir's projects have caused a huge financial burden for his successor.’
    • ‘Accepting the position after she was sworn in by Eastern Cape judge-president Cecil Somyalo, Balindlela paid tribute to her predecessors, Raymond Mhlaba and Makhenkesi Stofile, who were both in the chamber.’
    • ‘Spectators danced and sang as President Thabo Mbeki was sworn in for a second term in office.’
    • ‘His argument is that it would be unlawful for the Legco clerk to refuse to swear him in if he presents his own oath of allegiance, and he wants a judicial review of the clerk's refusal.’
    • ‘We were there while they were sworn in to become American citizens.’
    • ‘Once they were sworn in, however, they discovered that policing had changed dramatically while they had been off the scene.’
    • ‘They didn't ask for this when they were sworn in, but you're doing a heck of a job.’
    • ‘She did not speak, but nodded her head when told by the clerk that she could object to any of the jurors before they were sworn in.’
    • ‘All councillors are given a copy of the constitution immediately they are sworn in.’
    • ‘Kenneth Wang will be sworn in as an MP tomorrow and we've got a few issue-based campaigns ticking along.’
    • ‘But we know one thing for certain: a new Commission will be sworn in at some point, relatively soon.’
    • ‘Angela Merkel was sworn in today as the country's first female chancellor.’
    • ‘Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in at Buffalo, New York, close to where President McKinley had been assassinated.’
    • ‘Many Sudanese refugees in Kenya were ready to return home after Garang was sworn in as vice president.’
    • ‘South Australian Annette Hurley will be sworn in as a Senator after July the 1st.’
    • ‘President Thabo Mbeki will be sworn in, as part of official celebrations in Pretoria.’
    install, instate, induct, invest, inaugurate, introduce, admit into office, institute, initiate
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