Meaning of swear like a trooper in English:

swear like a trooper


  • Swear a great deal.

    ‘his fists were clenched and he was swearing like a trooper’
    • ‘She muttered curses and swore like a trooper throughout.’
    • ‘She reportedly swore like a trooper at neighbours and staff, and put down her husband in public.’
    • ‘When she speaks English she swears like a trooper - fit to make a sailor blush - but in French she's clean as a whistle.’
    • ‘It's an intriguing partnership because Tim sounds very humorous, talks in a broad Lancashire accent and swears like a trooper.’
    • ‘And then we go to the cinema - me swearing like a trooper at any car that tries to get in our way - my brother getting slightly over-excited.’
    • ‘Four-year-old macaw Sid can miaow like a cat, bark like a dog and laugh like a drain… but maybe it was the swearing like a trooper that got him in a spot of bother.’
    • ‘It was clear that she was going to be a huge, huge star despite her habits of swearing like a trooper and smoking like a chimney.’
    • ‘But I am light-hearted, and I am gutsy and I do swear like a trooper.’
    • ‘I'm a stoic, honest, and I am battling my natural instinct to swear like a trooper.’
    • ‘If someone swears like a trooper I will write it just as they say it.’
    curse, blaspheme, utter profanities, utter oaths, be foul-mouthed, use bad language, use foul language, be blasphemous, take the Lord's name in vain, swear like a trooper, damn