Meaning of swear to in English:

swear to

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phrasal verb

  • 1swear to somethingusually with negative Express one's assurance that something is the case.

    ‘I couldn't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure it's his writing’
    • ‘Tommy swore to prove him wrong and went on to win the world exhibition dancing title in Paris and the regional British championship six years running.’
    • ‘During this trip Norman writers maintain that he swore to support William's claim to the English throne.’
    • ‘I ask all of you that are against this war to keep supporting our troops who are doing their duty as they swore to do.’
    • ‘By this, an individual swears to renounce foreign allegiances, support the constitution and serve the US - including fighting in the armed forces if necessary.’
    • ‘But he swears to this day that one crucial piece of evidence was planted - a half-kilo of a highly restricted chemical found in a wall vent of his house.’
    • ‘As the occupation in the south continued, she swore to marry a fighter one day - a severely wounded fighter.’
    • ‘Saakashvili swore to achieve ‘integrity, reconstruction, unification’ for Georgia.’
    • ‘Remember when you clutched your loved ones and swore to live each day to the fullest and be thankful for life and everything in it?’
    • ‘Rather than regret those choices, I swore to myself I would learn from their consequences.’
    • ‘He was only allowed to return to India when he swore to the authorities that he would not indulge in any political activities there.’
    • ‘According to Pam, Jack admitted it and swore to never lay a hand on the girl again.’
    • ‘The republican edifice you swore to tear down is severely weakened.’
    • ‘When Allan went to jail on fraud and theft charges, Elna swore to wear black every day until his release.’
    • ‘It is actually part of a response Hamlet makes to an exclamation of Horatio's, after Hamlet has talked with his father's ghost, and before Horatio swears to keep the secret of the ghost.’
    • ‘She swore, and swears to this day, that there was no man involved.’
    • ‘Each swears to wring the neck of the other and the result is a bloody one-to-one within the prison walls.’
    • ‘One well-known local trainer drops in with a lorry full of runners at least every ten days, swearing to the benefits of the facility, while a number closer to Duninga use the gallops on a daily basis.’
    • ‘I left halfway through, swearing to myself that I would never ever show up to this class without checking to make sure we're doing something new.’
    • ‘I honestly worked hard and put my reputation on the line, swearing to my referrals that this was not a scam.’
    • ‘Already his followers are swearing to avenge his death and I shudder to think of the next group of victims.’
    certify, corroborate, confirm, verify, substantiate, document, authenticate, give proof of, provide evidence of, evidence, demonstrate, evince, display, exhibit, show, manifest, prove, endorse, back up, support, guarantee
    1. 1.1swear someone to somethingMake someone promise to observe a certain course of action.
      ‘I've been sworn to secrecy’
      • ‘I have a great deal of power over them, but, like one of those comic-book heroines, I am sworn to use it only for good.’
      • ‘There's a great deal more that I wish could say, but I am sworn to secrecy.’
      • ‘After all, these millions belong to the stockholders, and board members are sworn to protect their money.’
      • ‘It is the kind of thing you're sworn to secrecy over.’
      • ‘When we see fellow officers die, we have someone very close to us die doing something that we're sworn to do as well.’
      • ‘All the boys are sworn to secrecy and won't divulge anything to me.’
      • ‘Dear readers, I wish I could reveal more but I am sworn to secrecy.’
      • ‘She is sworn to secrecy about which major character dies.’
      • ‘He's sworn to keep his vigil for ‘as long as it takes’.’
      • ‘I wish I could tell you more but I am sworn to secrecy.’
      • ‘Okay, I'll tell you, but you are severely sworn to secrecy.’
      • ‘I didn't say anything, as I am sworn to both of their confidences.’
      • ‘We were all sworn to secrecy, and even if you did retire like Mr. Huang did, you had to be somehow connected to Area 51.’
      • ‘Though he is sworn to secrecy, Larry, stricken with guilt over offending a friend, spills the beans.’
      • ‘The heir to the throne you are sworn to may be in danger, and you will do nothing?’
      • ‘It's odd that his mother works for the corporation his father is sworn to take down, yet neither of them cares to know or catches on.’
      • ‘She was sworn to look after me, an honourbond, but she also had to find you.’
      • ‘I am sworn to fulfill my mandate to serve as president.’
      • ‘Wonderful news was imparted, but only on the understanding that he was sworn to secrecy.’
      • ‘It is not to be allowed that any son of a burgess sit down or remain at a common council of the town if he is not sworn to conceal the counsel and secrets of the town.’