Meaning of sweat buckets in English:

sweat buckets


  • Sweat profusely.

    • ‘Michelle Rodriguez sneers the whole way though while sweating buckets of blood and perspiration.’
    • ‘If I get dressed for sub-zero temperatures, complete with gloves so I can scrape my car out from under the ice, by afternoon I am sweating buckets because I'd be better off in a T-shirt.’
    • ‘In practice, it involved falling down ravines, getting flayed by sharp vegetation and sweating buckets - sort of like Eco Challenge for the chronically unfit.’
    • ‘Colin threw himself into the performance with innocent gusto, leaping round the stage, sweating buckets and managing somehow at one point not to topple headlong off the piano stool into the audience.’
    • ‘Summer, that kind that has you sweating buckets and in a torpor from an excess of heat, comes late in this part of the world, and when it does, it often does so with a vengeance.’
    • ‘Trust me you don't want me to be out there in the hot sun picketing, walking around sweating buckets.’
    • ‘It has no scientific basis and all you are doing is sweating buckets and compressing your fat cells in one particular area.’
    • ‘What made it more impressive was the fact it came in a stifling humidity which saw fans sweating buckets just sat in the shade.’
    • ‘Less equipment meant less choreography on the part of the band and more time to rock out, which they did quite happily, sweating buckets and pandering to the crowd throughout.’
    • ‘This was one of those games where in the end everyone had cuts and bruises and sweating buckets.’
    perspire, swelter, exude perspiration, drip with perspiration, drip with sweat, be pouring with sweat, break out in a sweat, glow, be damp, be wet, secrete