Meaning of sweat bullets in English:

sweat bullets


informal North American
  • Be extremely anxious or nervous.

    • ‘I had read that she should be smiling at me by the fourth week, and at the end of last week I was sweating bullets that she might not reach this milestone on time.’
    • ‘Here's something that has network news executives sweating bullets.’
    • ‘When two such diametrically opposed yet astute observers agree, you can bet the politicians are sweating bullets.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, this should have media titans everywhere sweating bullets.’
    • ‘Or do I just write him back and point this out to him, leaving him to sweat bullets wondering whether I'm going to report it to his company?’
    • ‘This is the kind of idea that makes death penalty zealots sweat bullets.’
    • ‘I'm sure your date is downstairs sweating bullets,’ her father laughed.’
    • ‘Now everyone's sweating bullets as Melvin tries to set things straight before HE'S on the list for the next big hit!’
    • ‘Now sweating bullets, he realized the burglar had a knife and could still rush at him.’
    • ‘Dein refused, but you can bet he is still sweating bullets at the prospect of losing his manager.’