Meaning of sweat equity in English:

sweat equity


mass noun informal North American
  • An interest in a property earned by a tenant in return for labour towards upkeep or restoration.

    • ‘we've had to rely on sweat equity’
    • ‘sweat equity ownership of buildings’
    • ‘The money has been mobilised from contributions by fund managers and sweat equity where sub-contractors were given shares worth the value of their construction works at the site.’
    • ‘It's all out of pocket from volunteers and sweat equity - mainly sweat equity.’
    • ‘The Shermans are putting more sweat equity than financial equity into their business.’
    • ‘I have to do this myself with huge amounts of sweat equity.’
    • ‘The tech companies contribute sweat equity to the project, largely by paying programmers' salaries, and then make money by selling products and services around the Linux operating system.’
    • ‘Physicians tend to operate under the false assumption that sweat equity and the number of patients that they have built up over the years equates to the only measure of a buy-in or sale of a practice.’
    • ‘Reading the business pages in the age of the Internet might lead you to imagine that creating a business with little more than sweat equity is an archaic notion.’
    • ‘What's the point of expending all that sweat equity if you build relationships with average customers, only to lose your best customers?’
    • ‘Currently, his house is worth more than $100,000, thanks, in part, to some sweat equity he has put into it.’
    • ‘Although the Shermans plan on using sweat equity, there will come a time when they may need outside financing for their business.’
    • ‘But if you implement a thoughtful link marketing strategy, and invest some sweat equity, you'll see the benefits in more ways than one.’
    • ‘It significantly diminishes the legally subsidized sweat equity traditionally assumed when farmers planted their fields and culled the seeds of their crops, the fruit of their labor.’
    • ‘‘That area blossomed around our sweat equity,’ says Ferrara.’
    • ‘Without question, the contribution of sweat equity poured out by members has been priceless, and the main reason this is such a robust, vital organization.’
    • ‘This is our story of fine tuning and sweat equity.’
    • ‘The story of Martha and Steve Rosenblatt's house is one of vision, experimentation, persistence, and sweat equity.’
    • ‘When the cooperative was getting ready to open, a core group of 20 members put in hours of sweat equity to renovate the space.’
    • ‘This will have to be achieved through the sweat equity of our children and us or from inflation, which will dilute our wealth.’
    • ‘The Games got a helping hand from no fewer than 5,100 volunteers, without whose sweat equity was applied to all aspects of the Games.’
    • ‘And thanks to the sweat equity of his father and friends, he brought in the entire project for just $15,000.’