Meaning of sweat like a pig in English:

sweat like a pig


  • Sweat profusely.

    • ‘this outfit makes you sweat like a pig’
    • ‘His face is a beetroot and he's sweating like a pig.’
    • ‘It is a non-air-conditioned one, and none of the windows are open, so I'll be sweating like a pig for fifteen minutes.’
    • ‘But what happens is that you put on your nice clothes, then by the time you walk up the 75 steps you are sweating like a pig.’
    • ‘I got there just as the train pulled in and stood in the doorway, sweating like a pig, wishing someone would open a window.’
    • ‘Then I started sweating like a pig on the train because there was no air conditioning and it was in the high 20's.’
    • ‘I only had half an hour before checking in and I was sweating like a pig, so I decided to wait at the hotel.’
    • ‘I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt, carrying a backpack, and sweating like a pig.’
    • ‘After ten minutes of this I was sweating like a pig in a sauna, and soon I was aching all over.’
    • ‘He said it seemed that I had a nightmare because I was sweating like a pig.’
    • ‘No, I'm sweating like a pig, can you turn on the air please?’