Meaning of sweat lodge in English:

sweat lodge


  • A hut, typically dome-shaped, used by North American Indians for ritual steam baths as a means of purification.

    ‘The dome-shaped sweat lodge, a permanent fixture of cross-tied logs, is protected by two fences.’
    • ‘I found that visions of ancestors were not secluded to a sweat lodge or ritual.’
    • ‘The sweat lodge is a traditional Navajo ceremony for cleansing and purification.’
    • ‘People from the community presented demonstrations and workshops on the sweat lodge, moccasin game, drum, crafts, stick games, racism, residential schools and the elder system.’
    • ‘The similarity to the sweat lodge at the nearby and slightly older Vaughn Branch site reflects continuity in social behaviors as well as in structural technology.’
    • ‘As I stripped off my clothes and dashed into the sweat lodge on the first truly freezing night of the season, the near-full moon was an eerie, ghostly shadow.’
    • ‘I longed to be around a real tribe, let them braid my hair, go to the sweat lodge with the women and afterwards listen to the stories told by the elders to the beat of the drums.’
    • ‘The sauna is the same process as the sweat lodge, differing only in a few cultural details, being both a spiritual and physical cleansing.’
    • ‘Often the healer would induce altered consciousness, perhaps in a sweat lodge, would let blood, and use supernatural or magic remedies.’
    • ‘The experience of the sweat lodge is usually life-altering.’
    • ‘But when he goes to say goodbye to his friend, Nanapush puts up a sweat lodge for him and brings him back from despair.’
    • ‘You might have to sit in a sweat lodge until you pass out or eat a weird vine and it will not be pleasant.’
    • ‘Sit yourself in a 4 hour sweat lodge sometime, and you may well see something before you start to pass out.’
    • ‘We were in this little sweat lodge that we had built, and had put in these hot stones in this pit.’
    • ‘The native Americans had sweat lodges known as Inipis, and similar ideas can be found in Russia, Japan and Muslim countries.’
    • ‘The data base comprises both residential and nonresidential structures; among the latter are purported storage facilities, temples, and sweat lodges.’
    • ‘Nobody has exact figures, but everyone talks of a revival of interest in sweat lodges and sundances, of hunting down elders who can pass on the discarded languages.’
    • ‘The American Indians traditionally used power animals and objects, natural herbal medicine and sweat lodges for their transformative healing.’
    • ‘Detoxification practices including enemas, sweat lodges, and fasts have been used in Greek, Native American, and Moslem cultures.’
    • ‘Although not all researchers would agree, some find the interpretation of these circular post structures as sweat lodges convincing.’