Meaning of sweat sock in English:

sweat sock


North American
  • A thick, absorbent calf-length sock, often worn with trainers.

    ‘Of course, that translates to living off your parents' money, and spending eight hours a day on your nasty sofa watching Aeon Flux on VHS and beating off into a crusty sweat sock.’
    • ‘Just a year ago, he was a down on his luck stray, having been kicked out of a doggy manners school - a mere sweat sock in a world of Versace-covered feet.’
    • ‘Foley proved something to me today that I always knew, the barb wire baseball bat is always greater then the sweat sock you pull from your pants.’
    • ‘Yeah, we cover taste in the book, and in fact I think the best way to describe it is - a gal who had a dog who had a stomach ache, and when they operated on the dog's stomach inside they found a sweat sock, a necklace and her cell phone.’
    • ‘I peeked inside the tiny bag and pulled out what looked like a rolled up sweat sock.’
    • ‘Walking behind him in single file were four beautiful women - one carried a pair of huge sneakers, another had a towel draped around her shoulders, a third toted sweat socks, and the fourth had a small bottle of cologne.’
    • ‘Team USA would Become afternoon after afternoon of wet sweat socks, scratching and clawing, learning the game… and teamwork.’
    • ‘If these guys were not going be the scariest nightmare to opponents since Air joined up with Magic and Bird against Angola, the experts were going to eat their collective sweat socks.’
    • ‘And upon her feet, the feet hidden by the long drape of tulle and beaded lace, she wore sweat socks.’
    • ‘They have an underlying smell, a furtive smell, old sweat socks balled up on the floor of the high-school locker room, meat sauce dried onto the plate and then reliquefied with a spray of water.’
    • ‘Barnes agrees, ‘I want to get the image of the security guard, with the black shoes and white sweat socks, doing his checklists while he's watching TV, out of people's heads.’’
    • ‘Antipersperants are likely to come in ‘sport’ scents, which announce themselves like an unholy offspring of Brut and used sweat socks, shouting loudly as they come a'borning.’
    • ‘It tasted awful, like what sweat socks would taste like if ever mixed with eggs, tomatoes and a blender but a few minutes later the aching pain that had once consumed his head, now left Ira to live his life painlessly, at least, for now.’
    • ‘Christina proceeded to educate him on the value of the movies and play ‘Grease’ in the life of an adolescent girl, which lead to unmerciful teasing about greased hair and sweat socks.’
    • ‘If you tend to think of cabbage as nothing more than a soggy plate-liner for corned beef with akin to a pair of dirty sweat socks, then prepare to meet the cabbage that wouldn't settle for being just another side dish.’
    • ‘The audience notices for the first time that the mean antagonist wears white sweat socks with black shoes.’
    • ‘The wife is having an affair with the pizza boy, and * surprise * he smells like pizza, or a scene in a locker room that smells like sweat socks, or the dog has an accident on the carpet - no one is scratching that card.’