Meaning of sweat the small stuff in English:

sweat the small stuff


informal US
  • Worry about trivial things.

    • ‘I learned to make everything fun, not to sweat the small stuff, analyse worries, consider the options, choose one, stop worrying and get on with my life.’
    • ‘He said it all the time, as if to remind his kids that life is too short to sweat the small stuff.’
    • ‘She no longer sweats the small stuff, and instead of trying to manage the way her male counterparts do, she allows feminine compassion to flow into the workplace - which, she says, has made her a better leader.’
    • ‘Nor were athletes concerned about health risks; who sweats the small stuff when you believe you're bullet-proof?’
    • ‘Mike has done a great job of creating an atmosphere here to let you do that, where you are not sweating the small stuff.’
    • ‘The science of nanotechnology is all about sweating the small stuff.’
    • ‘They must get the big things right, but they don't achieve greatness without sweating the small stuff.’
    • ‘The two of us came up with the plan, then began sweating the small stuff.’
    • ‘I don't sweat the small stuff with guys I trust.’
    • ‘Advice to parents of teenagers: don't sweat the small stuff.’