Meaning of sweatband in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɛtband/

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  • 1A band of absorbent material worn around the head or wrist to soak up sweat, especially by participants in sport.

    ‘Nathan has several ‘souvenirs’ - Cyclone players' wrist sweatbands and game gloves - received during post-game high-fives on the field this fall.’
    • ‘While being coached, top athletes are encouraged to soak armbands and sweatbands in their favourite aftershave or perfume.’
    • ‘I put on my socks, the jock, the shorts, and then the jersey, followed by sweatbands on my left arm and an elbow pad on my right arm.’
    • ‘He was wearing a black t-shirt with some band's name on the front, and black sweatbands on his wrists.’
    • ‘It was so hot that I wore tennis sweatbands on my wrists to play.’
    • ‘Luke Wilson, as Richie, the washed-up tennis champion in love with his sister, offers some of the most moving scenes in the film, and manages it all while sporting sunglasses and a sweatband.’
    • ‘His shirt was black with some symbol on the front and he wore black sweatbands on his wrists.’
    • ‘There's Carlos Moyà, who appears to be some sort of tennis god, direct from central casting, with the long, bronzed limbs and the sweatband keeping his rock-star hair on.’
    • ‘In particular, I can't stand the central atrium; it gives me a bad eighties feeling - of wine bars, terrycloth sweatbands, neon flamingos.’
    • ‘The inside portion of this strap acts like a sweatband.’
    • ‘She shook her head, motioning toward the pool with the oxygen-tubes strapped to her back, blond hair held in place by a sweatband.’
    • ‘I'm such the antithesis of what Nike wants their consumers to be that they'll pay me a seven figure sum not to wear their shoes, track pants, jumpers, earrings, sweatbands or tee shirts.’
    • ‘We liked to invite aliens into the living room like Alf and ET, and when Fame came on the tele’ we'd dance along in our legwarmers, crop tops and sweatbands.’
    • ‘However, exercise-wear is a free-for-all - Chucks, fishnets, sweatbands, legwarmers and vintage band tees all feature, which makes for amusing demonstration shots.’
    • ‘First there was aerobics, with its perky wardrobe of pastel tights and leotards with matching elastic belts, legwarmers, and sweatbands.’
    • ‘Which would be fine if the 1980s really was the best thing since leg-warmers, sweatbands, Prince, Madonna, Thatcher, strikes, riots and Hillsborough.’
    • ‘And regularly wash baseball caps, sweatbands or anything else you use to pull your hair back from your face.’
    • ‘I'm into ‘lo life’ polo shirts and tees, they're my thing, just as long as they have my size and I can accessorise them nicely, with flat caps or headbands and matching sweatbands.’
    • ‘He is tossing out T-shirts, hats, aprons, and sweatbands to throngs of young people.’
    • ‘He was wearing a sweatband and wristband that matched.’
    1. 1.1A band of absorbent material lining a hat.
      ‘Only buy a panama hat with a sweatband, which helps keep your hat in place and prevents it from stretching out.’
      • ‘New this year from Bodek and Rhodes is Anvil style 176, a washed brushed twill cap with a contrasting sweatband, under-bill and tape seams, and silver buckle closure.’
      • ‘What happens is the sweatband does its job and collects any moisture when you are wearing the cap.’