Meaning of sweated in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswɛtɪd/


  • Relating to or denoting manual workers employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.

    ‘the use of sweated labour by unscrupulous employers’
    • ‘He introduced legislation to improve wages in sweated industries.’
    • ‘‘Too many of these vessels employ unskilled, sweated labour, holding fraudulent certification,’ said Dave Perry.’
    • ‘It is an attempt to preserve fairly-paid jobs in Europe, and to prevent chain stores reducing prices by buying from countries that accept sweatshops and sweated labour.’
    • ‘There were stark contrasts in factories between skilled male workers and unskilled women and children, and between independent male artisans and sweated female domestic labour.’
    • ‘It also inspired women workers-in Bermonsey, south London, 15,000 women who worked in the sweated trade industry struck in 1911.’
    • ‘Out in the front, the diners enjoy heavenly food; in the back, those dishes are prepared in hell's kitchen - an inferno of flame, smoke, sweated labour and shouted curses.’
    • ‘This was true of fair wages agreements dating back to the last century introduced to combat sweated labour.’
    • ‘The America of the oil companies that funded his election campaign, the multinationals making huge profits out of sweated labour, and the chief executives?’
    • ‘This allows defenders of sweated labour to imply this is a fight between capitalism and some non-alternative like anarchism or communism.’
    • ‘The logo of that company is now a universal sign of sweated labour.’
    • ‘There were times when the process may have tipped over the edge of exhilarating, towards something more like sweated labour.’
    • ‘Indeed it is the biggest indirect employer of sweated and child labour on earth.’
    • ‘When you wear your clothes, think of us, and the sweated labour that has gone into making them.’
    • ‘Most major-clothing stores traffic in sweated labor.’
    • ‘Examples of such sectors are homeworking, the sweated industries, cleaning, or some of the worst part of the catering industry or the fast food trade.’
    • ‘Tenement labor was broadly decried as a form of sweated family labor.’
    • ‘It may be replied that cheap goods which are the product of sweated labor are not worth having, and that would be hard to deny.’