Meaning of sweating pen in English:

sweating pen


Australian, New Zealand
  • A pen in which recently mustered sheep are held until they have cooled down enough for shearing.

    ‘between the sweating pen and the wool-sorters are the shearers’
    • ‘Each sheep farm has a shearing point which comprises a sweating pen and a shearer.’
    • ‘Another night something frightened them in the sweating-pen, and they piled upon each other and many were smothered.’
    • ‘Sheep were crowded into a sweating pen the night before shearing.’
    • ‘Penelope stood with arms folded watching a young native boy catch a bleating sheep out of a catching pen and shove it through a drop gate into a sweating pen.’
    • ‘Sheep manure should not be allowed to accumulate under the sweating pens, as so commonly occurs.’