Meaning of swedge in English:


Pronunciation /swɛdʒ/


informal Scottish
  • A fight or brawl.

    fight, scuffle, fracas, brawl, struggle, tussle, fist fight, fisticuffs, melee, scrimmage, free-for-all, free fight, affray, fray, riot, skirmish, exchange, clash, encounter


[no object] informal Scottish
  • Fight or brawl.

    • ‘It has enough sex, swedging and swearing to satisfy the baser appetites of his fanbase but there is something new too - a sense of compassion, a drop of balm among the bile.’
    brawl, come to blows, exchange blows, assault each other, attack each other, hit each other, punch each other


Perhaps related to dialect swag ‘sway heavily’.