Meaning of sweep second hand in English:

sweep second hand


  • A second hand on a clock or watch, moving on the same dial as the other hands.

    ‘In the test, participants were given 6 presentations of a video clip of a numberless, unmarked clock with a sweep second hand and a 2-second blast of white noise.’
    • ‘It was mounted on vinyl tiles, laminated to protect images from dirt and a sweep second hand for visual impact.’
    • ‘These watches have sweep second hands which means that they move in a continuous motion.’
    • ‘The original gold with white luminous inlay hour minute and gold sweep second hands are in perfect condition!’
    • ‘It has a gold tone dial face with fancy design, bold numbers with small sweep second hand.’
    • ‘I am looking first for a gold watch with a sweep second hand that is luminous for night viewing.’
    • ‘It is a modern wall clock with Quiet sweep second hand that moves in a continuous sweeping motion with no ticking.’
    • ‘Some styles had sweep second hands but this one did not.’
    • ‘The jumping second hand chronographused an independent center sweep second hand which advanced continuously rather than in jerks.’
    • ‘Bright colors sweep second hands are all 13 mm long from center post to tip.’
    • ‘The latest series were hi-beat 28,800 bph movements with very smooth sweep second hands and were developed to compete with the new tuning fork models.’
    • ‘With hour, minute and sweep second hands, each watch in the collection has ultra-luminescent hands and numbers, making it easy to see what time it is, even when exploring beneath the vast seas.’
    • ‘Quality features include stone crowns, sweep second hands, double-looped leather band for added reinforcement and moisture resistance.’
    • ‘Release the pusher, and the stopped rattrapante hand ‘catches up’ with the advancing sweep second hand.’
    • ‘These French watches have unique minute, hour and sweep second hands.’
    • ‘This spectacular watch features bright white baton hands with luminous inserts, and a beautiful yellow sweep second hand.’
    • ‘A pulse recorder self contained in a wristwatch type case includes a front face having a sweep second hand actuated by an electrical stop watch movement.’
    • ‘The clock has a high quality quartz movement with a sweep second hand and includes 2 year life AA Alkaline battery.’
    • ‘I personally prefer the Aqualand Duplex to the Hyper (being old and set in my ways about sweep second hands) but I also have a Hyper and use it as a backup dive data collector for download.’
    • ‘If you work for the US Government in some capacity you'll be able to buy some of these excellent-looking 24 hour clocks with sweep second hands.’