Meaning of sweet flag in English:

sweet flag


  • An Old World waterside plant of the arum family, with leaves that resemble those of the iris. It is used medicinally and as a flavouring.

    Also called calamus

    Acorus calamus, family Araceae

    ‘Flag iris and sweet flag are two delightful perennial plants which, although they don't come from the same family, enjoy similar growing conditions.’
    • ‘In eastern Massachusetts they call the spikes of fruit of the sweet flag critch-crotches, probably from the zigzag lines which mark the divisions between each member of the spike and its neighbors.’
    • ‘7 John Ordway also mentions the cherries; he adds that William Bratton came across a large quantity of a plant they called sweet flag.’
    • ‘‘In sweet flag roots, longitudinally oriented air channels are formed which reach very close to the tip.’
    • ‘The cattails, sweet flag, rush, or cornhusks used for flag-bottomed chairs also served for making mats.’
    • ‘For brightness, McNatt brought in golden Japanese sweet flag (Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’), the grass at the border's edge, as well as lime-green zonal geraniums in pots.’