Meaning of sweet gum in English:

sweet gum


  • The North American liquidambar, which yields a balsam and decorative heartwood which is marketed as satin walnut.

    Liquidambar styraciflua, family Hamamelidaceae

    ‘There is no genuine forest in sight, save a relict scrap to the north that contains hardwoods: oak, beech, dogwood, ash, sweet gum, magnolia, yellow poplar, hickory, cherry, and maple.’
    • ‘Moist woodland on the lower mountain slopes and extending down to streams that meander in the valleys contains tulip poplar, sweet gum, and umbrella tree.’
    • ‘I have elm trees, oak trees, dogwood trees, sweet gum and a huge sugar magnolia, one of the few trees that has survived the age of the dinosaurs.’
    • ‘They emerge alone or in varying combination, depending on the type of tree, and are responsible for striking canary-yellow poplars and aspens, bronze beeches, golden hickories and sweet gums.’
    • ‘Sugar maples, red maples, dogwood, sweet gum, black gum and sourwood can be brilliant red or yellow.’
    • ‘Acer Osakazuki is a maple whose large green leaves turn crimson at this time of year, while a North American sweet gum, Liquidambar styraciflua, has leaves of bright yellow.’
    • ‘The trees the bird was dependent upon, specifically the sweet gum and Nuttall's oak, were falling like rain across the Southeast during this period.’
    • ‘Lining Big Creek, the Collins River, Savage Creek, and their tributaries are cottonwood, sycamore, red maple, and sweet gum, along with mountain laurel and white rhododendron.’
    • ‘Seven of these taxa (red maple, sugarberry, elm, water oak, sweet gum, green hawthorn, and ash) were found in all but two forests and made up 74.8% of the total IV.’
    • ‘I fell for this Texas native 15 years ago when I planted one in the shade of a sweet gum.’
    • ‘There were five other co-subdominant overstory taxa in the forests: water oak, sweet gum, red maple, elm, and ash.’
    • ‘In its natural state pin oak is found growing with red maple, green ash, box elder, sweet gum, and elm.’
    • ‘Then he scratches battlefields in the dirt with a stick, and puts his Battle of the Somme between the sweet gum trees.’
    • ‘Root competition from the huge tulip poplars, ashes, and sweet gum trees contributes significantly to the parched soil conditions.’
    • ‘They shove him toward the sweet gums where his soap soldiers wrestle with twigs.’
    • ‘When the pods ripen they become full of a sweet gum with a distinctive taste and smell.’
    • ‘Common species in the seventy-five-foot range are sweet gum, overcup oak, cherrybark oak, and willow oak.’
    • ‘In a large, blue container at the bottom of the garden we have planted a young Liquidamber or sweet gum.’
    • ‘My neighbors in Tucson, for instance, planted South African sweet gum that irrupted into the Sonoran desert and covered cactus and other indigenous shrubs.’
    • ‘The back was made from a single plank of water-sawn sweet gum.’