Meaning of sweetcorn in English:


Pronunciation /ˈswiːtkɔːn/


mass noun
  • 1Maize of a variety with kernels that have a high sugar content. It is grown for human consumption and is harvested while slightly immature.

    ‘Last month, the EU authorised a GM sweetcorn for human consumption, lifting a de facto moratorium on the authorisation on such new products in place since 1999.’
    • ‘Now there should be room for the 5 sweetcorn (which are growing well) and the sprouting broccoli and the 4 runner beans I have been given in exchange for the Welsh onions.’
    • ‘If you don't care to grow cabbages, sweetcorn would be a good alternative that would also benefit from the nitrogen.’
    • ‘The first year I grew sweetcorn the crop was fabulous, and in my naivety I believed it was all down to me, following those instructions to the letter and demonstrating my growing feel for, well, growing things.’
    • ‘It was followed up by a protocol that included both sweetcorn and maize - and therefore this follows on the answer I have already given - and that has since been revised again.’
    • ‘I took her to a farm shop recently so that she could see food in the raw and she was amazed that sweetcorn grew in fields.’
    • ‘They were farmers of arid land who built adobe houses in cliffs, grew miniature sweetcorn and squash, wove baskets and made beautiful clay pots.’
    • ‘The neat rows will soon show signs of spring onions, carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, radishes, beetroot, turnip, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, sweetcorn and rhubarb.’
    • ‘Sow sweetcorn, French and runner beans and, in all but very cold areas, courgettes and squashes.’
    • ‘The cathedral-sized plane trees were shading them, too, and they too could enjoy the view out onto rolling vineyards and fields of sweetcorn and sunflowers.’
    • ‘I went for the restorative soup of sweetcorn and ginger, which had a surprisingly light and smooth texture.’
    sweetcorn, maize, corn on the cob, Indian corn
    1. 1.1The kernels of sweetcorn eaten as a vegetable.
      ‘He gave me a Champneys cookbook which was full of healthy recipes such as salt cod with sweet pepper, tomato and olive sauce and sweetcorn and smoked haddock.’
      • ‘Consider a tablespoon of oil - olive or sunflower or whatever - which you might typically use to stir-fry your mange tout or baby sweetcorn.’
      • ‘To serve, put crushed potato in centre of plate, place spinach on top and surround with trompette and sweetcorn.’
      • ‘There were children who were amazed to learn that peas come from pods and sweetcorn doesn't come out of cans.’
      • ‘One night we celebrate a birthday with fresh lobster and sweetcorn.’
      • ‘I open the fridge and grimace at the stench from a bowl of tuna and sweetcorn, which Adrian has left uncovered for three days.’
      • ‘While heading for the sugar counter, I noticed that sweetcorn was 15p a can cheaper than Sainsbury's, and tinned tomatoes were only 7p.’
      • ‘Both were £13.95 and came with side dishes of mange tout, baby sweetcorn, carrots and broccoli which were welcome because of the strong flavours and forthright presentation.’
      • ‘The sweetcorn varieties we choose to eat today are favourites because they've been hybridised to develop the high sugar content which is so appealing to our palates.’
      • ‘Not content with dressing up as a giant grain of sweetcorn to amuse chip-scoffing children, the celebrity chef has extracted £220m from the government to improve school meals in England.’
      • ‘The aftermath of Dalston market is quite a sight - apparently yesterday the big sellers were cabbages and sweetcorn, but there were also plenty of fish heads to slip in.’
      • ‘When I'm using sweetcorn I toss in two or three grains, perhaps after every four or five trots through the swim.’
      • ‘I asked for the recipe for their Cream of sweetcorn with hazelnut & cured duck ham soup, but they wouldn't give it to me so I'm going to have to experiment to try and recreate it.’
      • ‘The decision on whether to allow the sale of GM food in the EU, in the form of tinned sweetcorn, is due before EU agriculture ministers later this month.’
      • ‘The yellow pigments zeaxanthin and lutein in sweetcorn, which are not destroyed by the canning process, have been linked to reducing the risk of age-related blindness.’
      • ‘Bill brought fresh blueberries that his sister had picked, and fantastic fresh, tender sweetcorn from his neighbour's garden - a real treat.’
      • ‘The tiny specks of red are pepper; the little yellow lumps of something that looks like fossilised baby teeth are sweetcorn.’
      • ‘He said the European Commission will make a decision on May 19 which will in effect authorise the placing on the market of a tin of GM sweetcorn for consumers to buy or not as they decide.’
      • ‘Serve with baby sweetcorn and sugar-snap peas.’
      • ‘For a main course, you could try the Malaysian curry, a spicy combination of stir-fried sugar snaps, baby sweetcorn and bean curd at #9.80.’