Meaning of sweetgrass in English:




mass noun
  • Any of a number of grasses which possess a sweet flavour, making them attractive to livestock, or a sweet smell, resulting in their former use as herbs for strewing or burning.

    Glyceria, Hierochloe, and other genera, family Gramineae

    ‘Do get ‘smudged’ by an elder when he offers to purify you with sweetgrass, tobacco, sage and cedar.’
    • ‘And when I've run out of sweetgrass, someone always shows up with a braid of sweetgrass and gives it to me.’
    • ‘Treatment blends of honey, cornmeal, sage and sweetgrass are a luxurious reminder of the spa's Native American roots.’
    • ‘The air here is damp and chilly, but it smells so fresh, mixes of sweetgrass and pond or lake water.’
    • ‘Joy Stewart smudges the workshop space with sweetgrass and uses candles to attract positive energy for her chakra workshops.’
    • ‘However, we have become somewhat spiritually self-righteous through the years and often over the fact that pre-colonial Canada was not all sweetgrass, sweat lodges and sunsets.’
    • ‘Johnny puts sweetgrass in his blankets to keep from dreaming, but all he gets is a runny nose.’
    • ‘I offered them some of our general history and the host organization a gift of sweetgrass.’
    • ‘The highway is dotted with periodic lean-tos made of gray, weather-beaten plywood and 2x4s that offer shade to the women who sell their baskets of tightly woven sweetgrass.’
    • ‘So, two weeks before opening night the theatre, cast and crew were blessed in a sweetgrass ceremony by local elder Mary Uslick that cleansed them and the theatre space of negative spirits.’